Competition Team Auditions, Clinics & Workshops

Summer 2016 Register Now! June 14 – August 8


Competition Team and Performance Team Placement & Intensive Week!
Aug. 6 – 7 and Intensive Week Aug. 8 – 13



Traveling Competition Dance Team

Come and be a part of our nationally ranked Competition Dance Team. Please see the competition page for more details and schedule of classes! We have tons of fun and would love to have you on our team!!!

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Performance Team

may be what you would prefer – lots of fun dancing and performing locally as well as the possibility of local competition. See the competition page for more details.

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Ballet Intensive

July 25-27

Ages 7-10 Level 1

Ages 10-13 Level 2

Ages 14 and up Level 3

(Age and level may vary depending on experience)


Level 1 10:30 – 4:00 daily

Level 2 & 3 10:30-5:00 daily


5 classes per day including technique, pointe/pre pointe and foot strengthening, flexibility, classical choreography, variation, pilates, floor barre, conditioning, pirouettes and more!!


Intensive t-shirt included with 3 day tuition!


3 days – returning students – $195.00

3 days – new students –           $225.00

1 day pass – $80.00

Individual class – $25.00

T-shirt – $10.00


Staff to include:

Courtney Stewart – San Francisco Ballet

Matt Stewart – San Francisco Ballet

Jamie Clifton – Charlotte Ballet

Nina Schulte – Carolina Dance Capitol

Kelley Potter – American Ballet Theatre

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Traveling Competition Team Schedule for Audition

Placement and intensive week:

SATURDAY August 6th
10:00-12:00- k-4th
12:00-2:00- 5th-8th
2:00-4:00- 9th-12th

SUNDAY August 7th
12:00-4:00- 5th-8th
12:00-4:00- 9th-12th
1:00-3:00- k-4th

**** Grades listed are just a guideline. Just ask us if you have a question regarding which class to come to. 


MONDAY August 8th
5th-8th- 5:00-8:00
9th-12th- 6:00-9:00

TUESDAY August 9th


WEDNESDAY August 10th
5th-8th- 5:00-8:00
9th-12th- 6:00-9:00

THURSDAY August 11th

k-4th 5:00-7:00

A complete list of classes/styles will be posted the week before placement weekend

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Please check out our competition team on Facebook and YouTube!!

        Twas the Night Before Competition – 2012

                                       By Cyndi Tew

Twas the night before Competition, and all through the house
The moms were still busy, and so was the spouse.
The rhinestones were glued to the costumes with care,
In hopes that Production soon would be there.
The dancers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Platinums danced in their heads.
And I with my Gem-Tac, and Pa with his map,
Had just settled down for a crucial nightcap.
The bank account is empty – hubby is stunned,
I panic about the poof and those dang messy buns!
The stress has been high – and OH so much drama.
The tears, ‘tudes and tantrums, reserved just for mama.
When out on the street I heard the tires squeal…I
I sprang from my bed, and said “WHAT IS THE DEAL?
The kids rushed in quickly, they’d heard all the clatter
We peeked out the window, to see what was the matter.
When, what to our sleep-deprived eyes should appear?
But a Honda Accord – Miss Erica’s here!
With Sara at shotgun, they sped down the road,
They pulled in the drive as we gawked at the show.
Their eyes seemed determined – we knew why they came…
They beckoned the dancers, and called them by name!
“Now Minis, Now Pee Wees! Now Juniors and Teens!
On, Pre-teens! On, Seniors! I need all the Teams!
Quick! To the lawn! Now get in your lines!
Let’s run through Production – JUST ONE MORE TIME.”
The dancers jumped up, and put on their shoes,
They knew in an instant, they could not refuse.
They practiced Production until it was clean.
I needed Xanex, but settled for caffeine.
We watched from the window, and took in the sight.
The leaps were all perfect, the turns nice and tight.
Their toes were all pointed, they had smiles on their face.
Was this the Ponderosa…or perhaps Outer Space?
Miss E. had a belly that was round, and getting plumper.
It jiggled when she laughed – like a bowl full of…Thumper!
Her bright eyes twinkled as she watched the kids dance.
She shed a few tears (raging hormones, by chance?)
She wielded her notebook; high heels on her feet,
And I couldn’t help notice, she smelled kinda sweet.
Like Cookies and Candy…perhaps Hot tamales?
Whatever it was, it made her quite jolly.
Miss Sara was busy, and worked with great haste,
On feathers and buttons, not a moment to waste!
She altered and mended, she was quick with a stitch.
With her pink glue gun blazing, all things could be fixed!
Forget all the stresses, the drama and rage,
‘Cause it all disappears when they step on that stage.
Let’s show Star Systems just how this is done,
We are fierce and we’re ready – now let’s have some FUN!
Their work here was done, no more time at this stop.
Now back to the studio, to finish the props!
Morning was approaching, show time nearly here…
The day has arrived – the best time of the year!
 Good luck to you all, YOU GOT THIS, you know it!
You’ve worked really hard, and your high scores will show it.
And I heard them exclaim, as they sped up the street,
“Happy Competition to all! GO ED&T!!”

                                                                                      (Feb. 16, 2012)