ExtravaDance & Tumble Proudly Presents…

ED&T Gives Back

A Service Program to Promote Community Charitable Involvement

Dear Dance Families,

ExtravaDance and Tumble is excited to invite you to be a part of our brand new service society. Community service is defined as a service volunteered by a person that benefits the community or in our case, other people, the environment, animals, foreign countries, charities, and many other things. Many of you already provide community service on many different levels and we want to recognize you for that.

So, each dancer will have his or her own personal points record (PPR) and there will be many ways to earn service points. At the end of the season we will have a special banquet to honor all service society members and recognize dancers with top point records. We look forward to this being a fun and rewarding experience for ALL!


Erica Summerlin and Sara Walser


Point System and Guidelines:

– Any ED&T Dancer may participate

– There is no limit to the amount of points a dancer can earn

– Points must be turned into the front desk for a receipt

– Points must be approved

Ways To Earn Points:

1. Bring in items for collections – 1 point per item
2. Volunteer your time or work at an event – 5-10 points
3. Perform at a charity or studio outing – 2-4 points
4. Lead your own project – starting at 50 points

– You must type up full project description with details

– Take care of your project from start to finish

– Dates for projects are on a first come first served basis

– Studio will email your info to everyone

– Points will be determined based on level of difficulty

*** We are open to all your ideas for ways to earn points. Just let us know!!! ***