Jan/Feb Dance Activities and Fun Events

Winter weather has hit with a bang! Though it may have arrived a little late, it’s here now and we had our first “snow day” of the year on Jan. 23rd! Of course, all classes missed due to inclement weather will be made up at a later date. But will this cold, nasty weather stop us or keep us from doing all that we have planned? NO WAY!

This January we begin our first ever class of Broadway Babies – a pre-competitive group of dancers ages 3-5 that will be working on performing skills that we will showcase at local events and at our annual recital.

February brings the first ever Twinklestar Daddy/Daughter recital dance practices. This is for all ages and recreational as well as competitive dancers. All dancers should have received this information and hopefully many of you will want to participate. It’s a great way to get Dad involved in dance!!

February also brings costume excitement as everyone gets to see pictures of recital costumes and learn about the theme for this year’s recital. No matter how long a child has been in dance, costumes still bring the most excitement – for all ages – every year – every time.

Our 2016 Competition Dance Team will be working overtime to get ready for their first competition the first week in March. Our annual Parent Preview will be February 13th at Walkertown High/Middle School auditorium. The studio will be buzzing with classes, practices and prop building for the next month and a half.

February and March will also be hosting Princess Tea Parties at both the Kernersville and Eden locations for ages 3-6. Look for information on dates and times to be announced soon! It looks to be a very busy first quarter at ED&T. Don’t miss out on the fun!

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Twinkle Star Dance is a Hit at ExtravaDance & Tumble!!


For the past two seasons, ExtravaDance & Tumble has been using the Twinkle Star dance program. This is a program that offers a set curriculum for dancers ages 2-18 and provides teachers with guidance and variety for teaching young people the proper dance and performance skills. Our staff has found this program to be a big influence towards our dancers and their parents having a positive dance experience at every age and skill level. The Twinkle Star program and its curriculum fit perfectly with our long established philosophies and policies for age appropriate music, movements and costuming. After using it for two seasons, we are convinced that this is the best way to assure that all students receive the same learning opportunities from all teachers and classes. Classes may be referred to as:

Ages 2-4 Twinkle Babies

Ages 5-6 Twinkle Stars

Ages 7-8-9 Show Stars

Performance Teams and classes may also be referred to as Shining Stars.


Please feel free to ask about what your child learns in class every week. We are happy to share that information with you by using our Facebook and handouts after class. We want all our dancers to “Twinkle” and “Shine” to their highest expectations!


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ED&T Competition Team and Studio Activity Video Series 2015

Tune in on YouTube and see what’s going on at ExtravaDance & Tumble during the 2015- 2016 Dance Year. This is a video chronicle of happenings throughout the 2015-16 season of competitive and recreational dance. You might want to join us next season!!! ED&T has a lot of fun performing, competing and just plain dancin’!!!

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